User Engagement Planning

As with any modern-day challenge, reinventing traditional approaches is an option to be followed. As far as marketing is concerned, nothing can be more traditional than the four Ps, namely product, price, place and promotion. With marketing purse strings gradually tightening and insitutions fighting out among themselves to maintain a grip over their customers, the traditional marketing mix has to be layered over with a new set of four Ps. This can enhance engagement strategies in retaining long-standing relationships as well as acquiring new profitable customers.

Perspective: Use your data

You have a business and your business has some customers. There is also some amount of customer data for you to work with, right? This current customer data will prove to be powerful when analyzed in a new way. It can also help generate new marketing strategies in a largely accelerated fashion.

Purpose: Know your brand

Within the loyaty sector, a number of consumers are looking to utilize their points or miles in order to gather the maximum possible value through redemption options. Owners of loyalty programs who analyze the current offering and understand customer trends are better equipped towards creating program functionality that is tailored as per consumer demand in every appropriate manner possible.

Path: Identify strategic direction

Shrinking resources have put a renewed focus on consistent marketing practices. In a sea of uncontrollable variables, business owners must know the path that they wish to follow. They must also understand the importance of measuring the performance against their goals along the way. If an old adage were to be used, measure twice and execute once is the new way to go in terms of digital marketing practices.

Proliferation: Test and learn

What was considered to be overachieving results yesterday is the baseline today, considering the demand to bring more stringent measures into play. Data analysis and strategy testing are two important aspects of letting customers be involved in a marketing program. By redistributing these finding from the perspective of a customer, you will be able to refine the practices even further.

At Websites4U, we understand and meet the changing needs of your customers over time. We develop and position your products in such a way so as to align with your best business interests. Our strategies are also designed to keep your customers engaged while driving usage within your program. Engaged customers are a direct source of profitability and can also help in sustaining programs irrespective of the current environment or trend.

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