Mobile website design

With the mobile era now seemingly booming, millions of individuals are now browsing websites via their mobiles and other handheld devices. People are now given the option of accessing the Internet with a mobile or tablet from within the coffee shop, bus, car, or any other remote place that one can possibly think of. The only requirement- a wireless connection needs to be made someway or the other!

A responsive mobile website design strategy has to be implemented when having a website developed or designed, and is vital for the livelihood of your website. The mobile websites are typically developed to be multi-device compatible so as to ensure the greatest number of users will be able to access all the information that your business has to provide.

At Websites4U, we look to design and build websites that are compatible with almost all of the latest smartphones. We design Flash-free mobile-friendly websites using the latest JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 technologies. This allows us to create websites that look good on smartphone screens of all sizes. We undertake a careful design of each website to ensure easy navigation across all mobile devices. Featuring a touchscreen compatibility and simplified design, navigation on one of our mobile-friendly websites is much easier as opposed to those designed specifically for your desktops.

We offer the following features in our mobile website design services:

  • Easy-to-operate touch-friendly menu, similar to what you see on Facebook
  • Streamlined design that is built for touch navigation
  • Single-site update where you update your site once and the normal and mobile sites get updated simultaneously

If you are looking for a Mobile Website Design, contact us today and get a free quote for our services.