Another product that falls under the category of open-source content management systems, Magento is used for the development of eCommerce websites. The software was initially developed by a private US-based company who received suitable assistance from a group of volunteers. It makes use of the MySQL relational database management system, PHP programming language and the Zend framework elements. Magento makes use of conventions that are commonly associated with the object-oriented programming languages and model-view-controller architectures.

At Websites4U, we provide Magento development services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you would want to start a small business with a Magento community edition or the optimum Magento Enterprise shopping cart that has served hundreds of visitors regularly with thousands of products, we will take care of it all. Our experienced web design specialists and eCommerce experts are capable of building visually stunning, highly stable and functionally powerful websites to help the clients grow and sustain their online presence.

Some of the Magento development services we offer are the following:

  • Responsive Magento website design
  • Custom Magento and website development
  • Shopping cart development using Magento
  • Development of themes, stores and modules for Magento
  • Development of custom Magento etensions

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